"He seems like a nice guy and a good worker but I find his constant positive attitude quite draining. Huge mistake, Discovery! The crew has less than 100 days to work. is Parker bleeding you Dry thats what I call Gold fever $$$! Speaks volumes about discovery and their financial model. Tim continued by writing, the series has been rating well again and this rather short sighted move will obviously harm that. He then said he was a reluctant messenger and they failed to communicate any of this to the shows crew or the fans watching at home. One of the most prolific presences on "White Water" is. I have no regrets for standing up against him. Goodbye Discovery +. In the middle of the season!!! Well, guess what? At any case if I was the whole Gold Rush franchise, Look out! Half-ounce nuggets everywhere, according to a hopeful Dustin. Yeah Disney ! doh. Playing this game will only hurt your channel, what will you cancel next??? Moronic! Freaking big corporation politics. we look forward to White Water Gold Rush every week. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. BOTTOM LINE COMES FIRST. They did the same thing with Richard Hammonds car show. "Gold Rush: White Water" fans took to Reddit in early 2021 to express their feelings on Carlos Minor, and the sentiments were mixed, to say the least. Discovery channel will be cancelled on my tv plan. They try a new tactic with explosives, as Hurt describes the new techniques as game changing in the extended trailer. Keep up the good work. Paul Richardson and his wife, Kayla Sheets, were the cast members of Gold Rush: White Water on Discovery Channel. The pioneers on White Water also are working in very dangerous conditions and what they will eventually find will be well deserved. Explains a lot. Fred Hurt, Kayla Sheets, and Paul Richardson, "Work Fred and stepdad Fred are two different people," she added. He joinedTony as skipper in Gold Rush seventh season in 2017. "Sorry everyone, I fought hard to be on Season 4 but ultimately Dustin said he wouldn't do the show if I came back," tweeted Sheets on November 14, 2020. make us wait for 4 mounth to see the rest of the season is Unforgettable. As per Distractify, after an awkward silence since the show aired, Richardson's wife, Kayla, finally opened up via a now-deleted tweet in 2020 about why she and her husband would no longer be a part of the show. Who is Ilaura Reeves on 'Gold Rush'? white water was better then Gold Rush. Shawn is a voting member of the Oklahoma Film Critics Circle and a former member of the Society of Professional Journalists. Dustin Hurt and Kayla Sheets are not strangers; they are step-siblings, but it seems Dustin always had problems with her. Gold Rush turned into a snooze fest while White Water was really fun to watch. "Ohh, it's cold," she said as she entered the roiling waters of the creek. What happened to Tony Beets dredge? Do a bit of research! Hey lets buy a new Corvette, pay the taxes and registration, then not drive it for a few months. Ass hats. Just as it looks Dustin and crew are ready to strike it rich, the show vanishes into thin air. I only subscribed to Discovery to watch White Water so Im really pissed that they would just leave me hanging right in the middle of the season! Genebelongs to American nationality and Caucasian ethnicity. old Walt is spinning in his grave, like one of Tonys Trammell. I always looked forward to watching Gold Rush Whitewater. So, why did he leave 'Gold Rush'? I second this statement. I honestly cannot f$^king believe Discovery would have the nerve to take it off air without infoming the fans!!!! The news that Discovery suddenly put Gold Rush: White Water on hiatus in the middle of the season came when producer Tim Dalby announced it on social media. Hahaha I agree 100%.I am so sick of Parkers ugly fucking ass. Taking this show off air is really, really bad it has to be one of the best shows that it airs, why would they do such a stupid thing??? Very poor decision from a viewre/subscriber perspective I think I might've missed something on gold rush white water, just wondering where has Paul disappeared to from Fred's crew . Oh and by the way we are now turning the channel after Gold Rush. What happened? Hes a real badass. Customers they clearly dont care for in the slightest. All company, product and service names used in this website are for identification purposes only. A major change in season 5, White Water OG Fred Hurt took a back seat in the new 2022 series of the show and his son, Dustin, took the reins on their dredging operation. Gimme a break. Fans dead last as always.Shame on you discovery. I totally agree whitewater one of the best shows on. Its a Bad look. Definitely a case of the Network paying off more than the treasure. Have to look real closely at the next proxy I receive for my Discovery shares and vote out some of these idiots. Even still, some longtime fans have reservations about him and how he acts when the camera is pointed in his direction. By keeping Discovery and the other channels its costing me an extra $30 per month for this package deal i have,which now involves a bunch of channels that i dont even watch. Its filmed in the old opal mines too. we watched it every Friday night together one show me and my wife both can enjoy together now I guess its back to LMN for her and to the other TV for me. Im cancelling my subscription so sick of this. I paid for the entire season up front on prime video because my Disney app wont work and I love this show so much. Please live on and dont give up on life! Just a money grubber like the rest of the Networks. Thanks for screwing you customers and the crews of the greatest reality television series ever. FUCK THE A-HOLE WHO PULLED THIS CRAP AND ALL OF DISNEY UPPER MANAGEMENT WHO SCREW THEIR TALENT AND CUSTOMERS! I think it dumb how they did that. I tolerate Gold Rush because White Water is directly after it! want some more ideas just holler. What happened to Jesse Goins on 'Gold Rush'? Comment * document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "af68c85a228a52ae1715f0fdd99a9da3" );document.getElementById("eedd789636").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Copyright 2023 by TV Shows Ace. I Agee Friday nights was not just Goldrush but it was goldrush WHITE WATER. I, like many others, have followed these shows from the beginning. Distractify is a registered trademark. SMH, Im Pissed!! Makes me disgusted with your modus operandi!! Brennan Ruault, one of the stars of Discovery's 'Gold Rush,' explained why he left Parker Schnabels crew. this is what has happend! So bad move Disney, we have a few simple tv pleasures, this was one of them At least announce or have an advertisement that tells us it will be back. Dustin has said a few times that "women shouldn't be in the mining industry" without a flinch. Exactly I agree with you I was deleting shit off my DVR thinking it wasnt recording and freaking out that Im missing the show. will drown or have a boulder fall on his head. I have poor health and it is the best program on TV I look forward to it every week. Though she is not part of the show anymore, Kayla Sheets think Gold Rush: White Water is about adventure, ingenuity, and ambition. I love Dustin and his dad, even tho they can be assholes. Sheets' working relationship with her stepfather has also been a mixed bag, according to her. Surprise him. Disney/Discovery way to prove to your viewers that you could care less about them. Dustin Hurt Is an Actual Gold Miner, so What Is His Net Worth? Gold Rush: White Water: With Dustin Hurt, Wes Richardson, Carlos Minor, Paul Richardson. Sometimes I count how many people die each evening for our entertainment. Hey just glad it will be finished up in the Spring. Here's what you need to know about Khara Lewis. This is hella lame that they are doing this to the show. I think the little man was intimidated that I could do everything that he did, despite being a woman. But to find the big gold payout, they'll put their lives on the line by diving deep beneath the raging waters of one of Alaska's wildest creeks." In season 3, the stakes are much higher. Its Friday and Id like to watch Gold Rush: White Water but I do like My Lottery Dream House so dont mess with that or other shows on Discovery. Most people here love this show. By using our Services, you agree to our use of cookies. He was introduced as Parker Schnabel's foreman in Gold Rush Alaska in the fourth season. They actually have something going good and now the bean counters will destroy it. He explained to me how those artifacts were made by Indians 1200 to 10,000 yrs ago. RC. I hear that Fox News is looking for a great show like Gold Rish: White Water. Ill go first. cancelling my discovery+ account after this. New episodes of Gold Rush: White Water air Fridays at 9 p.m. Just another example of how giant media can control what people believe. April Neale is an entertainment writer and television critic. Very frustrating for fans. What exactly is placer mining? Underwater metaldetectors. | Gold Rush, King of the Con | Official Trailer | discovery+, https://i.ytimg.com/vi/vqsNReWsCQ8/hqdefault.jpg. DISCOVERY is saying..screw you audience..we dont give a damn about you!!!!! We will wait, if season 6 will come to TV or Stream. As a fan, this really sucks. "Disgusting how you have been treated. Ignore the viewers and soon they will ignore you, Taking White Water off the air is senseless. I feel normal gold rush has kind of become boring & White Water gold rush is a crazy rush. Pam U suck too! I will be totally disappointed if it doesnt return. This cant be the best decision! Frankly, I think its about time they pulled white water off the air. One day after Season 4 of White Water premiered, Kayla alleged in a tweet that her stepbrother and former co-star, Dustin Hurt (who used to be best friends with Paul), is to blame for the couple's exit from the show. Slightly different from the original Gold Rush show, the Discovery Channel spin-off series is based at McKinley Creek in Haines Borough, Alaska. Makes me not want to invest my time in discovery shows ever again. are you stoned, or just stupid. I wondered what had happened to White Water! 8 on Amazon since Discovery delayed the show !! Thanks to the dickheads at the Discovery Channel for screwing the fans of Gold Rush: White Water. I hope thats the case. cant say enough bad things about them! What a bizarre cut-off point. Sucks. Dave Turin is terrible i fast forward anytime he is on. They dont care about their paying customers, so why should we pay. It was just getting good this is stupid I look forward to this every Friday dis is starting to suck again going the way of history channel down they had a good gold show to but the Bering sea is just stupid drama. to save money? And I dont buy any of your B.S. Father and son are both hunting for gold. Discovery's 'Gold Rush' is home to talented miner Parker Schnabel. Good luck, now I just have Bering Sea Gold. I have no regrets for standing up against him. Greed will be the end of mankind! Hope the idiots get to see these comments. Complete anti-American ass hats manage corporate America these days. At least in the rivers it would be cool to find some big nuggets for a change. Now we all fans have to pay the price. The father-son duo has come a long way when it comes to the success of "Gold Rush: White Water." Really biting the hands that feed them. So needless to say this news pisses me off. Gee thanks. There are several animated shows that the network took off its streaming service HBO Max. How like the history of broadcasting. I feel the same way about Gold Rush White Water as I did the first few seasons of Gold Rush. But I sure will miss White Water! She has always been vocal about her feelings. to bad all my shows seem to be done for the season. Gold Rush: White Water Season 3 Photo Gallery. Kayla Sheets has revealed the exact reason why they left and it has all to do with her step brother,. Bring my shoe back now!!!!! Kayla Johanson and Mark Stamper joined the show for season 5. WellI guess its time to cut Discovery out! Dustin and Fred Hurt can be found on Twitter, James Hamm is on Instagram under the handle, 2023 GRV Media Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Even for a short period of time. I am so sad about this. shove it discovery. Literally all my fav shows are Discovery or affiliated. absolute bulksh*t!! Why pay for Disney and all the other turd streaming services when you can find the shows for free on some other services? I just found out that some big Douchebag exec. Couldnt believe it, when I searched for the next episode, and it was not there. Do you believe ending a programme mid season will benefit this? you have a great personality, hard working person, and tons of knowledge as mechanic Todd Hoffman is the man behind 'Gold Rush' and yet he walked away from the series. it hasnt been dropped. This sends a great message to everyone watching and this d!psh!t randomly decides to go on some power trip and shows us he does not give a flyin f about any of us. The studio will use this as a tax loss to save money. These accounting tricks need to be removed from the bean counters arsenals. YOU ARE GREAT! Total load of donkey crap! I may not be here in April to watch as I will watch wicked tuna instead. They work hard and are very brave! I dont even have words to express how much this pissed me off! We all paid for this ..They should have planned this out better . Seriously, Discovery, you really fuked up. We the paying public finally get a couple of excellent shows we look forward to and it takes some It seems that there isnt just gold in Alaska, but a whole load of drama too! Looks Like 'Gold Rush: White Water' Is Slowing Down for a Bit What's Going On? What happened to Brennan on Gold Rush? Turins sucks hes nothing but a male chauvinist pig, I dont know why everyone is so down on Dave, and like bering sea gold, , now that show sucks, (pun? Put Gold Rush White Water back on. Richardson is quite a popular face on the program, as is his wife, rookie dredge tender, dredge diver, and mini dredge operatorKayla Sheets. Shark Week 34th Season Promises The Rock, Tracy Morgan And More Specials, Exclusive Preview: Joe Kendas American Detective Returns to ID and discovery+, Exclusive: Deadliest Catch Captain Sig Hands Wheel of Northwestern Over To Clark. Got me looking for a new episode every Friday night and Im pissed! And I thought maybe Dustin was in the hospital or something terrible. thats a bunch of BS. Recently 'Gold Rush' brought a new gal into the sifting mix and it's always a refreshing addition. He established as an expert contractor in roads construction and building before venturing into mining. Thanks for pausing one of the better shows and placing it in hiatus in order to save the corporation money during this tax season. Farewell Discovery, Ill be back when White Water is, until then, Im not giving you another f#!#ing penny, I already got rid of cable because of channels doing crap like this. I couldnt agree more. Yes. Here's what we know. Yes, Im disappointed, I look forward to watching this show and one other (Curse of Oak Island) every week. Ya know you reap what you sew Disney discovery you paid millions to get Democrats elected and promoted thier leftist/marxist agenda which includes raising taxes on the higher income earners. It seems a lot of the shows are going that . I wish there was a way to make sure that the exec that made this decision we are pissed. u may not think its a big deal, but when people like myself literally only watch gold rush and a few other shows on here, whats the point of continuing to pay for a service that doesnt care about their viewers. She added, "The goal is to try to make it relatable to the audience and to give them the inspiration to go out and do this themselves. A simple acknowledgement and saying that WW will be back after Gold Rush is over would have just spread the season out and no one would have been the wiser. We as fans have no say. Another reason to never support anything Disney again. They dont deserve audiences the way they ride roughshod over them. I could never do what they do. What absolute douchebags!!!! THIS WAY DISCOVERY WILL NO DOUBT POST A LOSS IN REVENUE FROM SO MANY CACELLING THEIR SUBSCRIPTIONS. Ive looked forward to this new exciting season since the last series ended, its one of my favourite shows. Fans asked why Paul left the show. comments sorted by Best Top New Controversial Q&A Add a Comment . Sheets has butted heads with the more traditional Hurt side of the family on the show multiple times and Dustin has indeed gone on record before the cameras to say that he doesn't think women should be in the field as miners. All company, product and service names used in this website are for identification purposes only. Happening more and more. Some rectum must have got his finger in the till. Larry. Already cancelled Disney+, and this terrible company is ruining Discovery+! When you make a decision to pull it, how about a heads up to fans. Obviously, Paul was not happy about Dustin talking about his fiance in such a manner. Like with Newsmax, the elite liberals want to screw with the rest of us. Ive been wondering what the hell happened to my favorite show. greed is killing the whole world. Very angry at the way this is done. I dont understand why you would take the two greatest shows on TV and do this to them and to the people that start and end their weeks watching your shows. Based on the above-mentioned Facebook post, it may be easy to assume Hurt is hurting for money. Get your shit together!!! White Water is one of the few shows I looked forward to every single week and have been looking for the new episodes just to have to figure it out myself that Discovery put the show on a several month hiatus. But whitewater is the top . Sneak peek of Gold Rush: White Water miners, crews, and machinery for Season 3. White Water has excellent filming, phenomenal action, and real people working in beautiful country in highly hazardous conditions to bring exceptional entertainment to Discoverys subscribers. Just found this out now as I keep looking for when its on. White Water was cherry on the top of all the shows . As reported by Distractify, the tweet said: Sorry everyone, I fought hard to be on Season 4 but ultimately Dustin said he wouldnt do the show if I came back. Later!!!! It is owned by Warner Bros not Disney. They even found a one ounce nugget. discovery chanel lost a lot of points for that. fekn greedy corporate wankers a hope they lose a shit load e money and regret their ludicrous decision. Dalby was shocked that the network made the move and he was not happy about it. and gold miner, needs a little improvement on your self steam. This is one of the rare non-violent shows. I have watched every season and Iook forward to it each week! Fans of Discovery series 'Gold Rush' have a particular interest in young miner Parker Schnabel, especially concerning his dating life. what a bunch of pencil necks . Ive been looking for the program for the last two weeks just to find out on my own that you have dropped it? If there's gold in them there hills, Dustin Hurt will find it. Gold Rush: White Water takes place in Haines Borough, Alaska. White Water is a better show than Gold Rush! Why would a company do this to the viewers, its absolutely disgusting. TOTAL DICK MOVE!!!!!!!!!! Or to keep from paying the creatives. What a bunch of ass hat morons. CHECK IT OUT: Why did Paul Richardson leave Gold Rush White Water? White Water is the best of the current Gold Rush offerings. So disappointing. Now we are all pissed off. I think it is long overdue for directors/CEOs and board of directors to be reassigned else where and give us all a break. White Water is the only Gold Rush show I still look forward to and the bean counters took it off. . While Im writingon the OG Gold Rush can you please get rid of Fred. What happened to Mysteries at Blind Frong Ranch and disjointed runs of Skinwalker Ranch? Pretty stupid move with all the other major channels now streaming. Those concerned about his well being, Gene is in good shape as a normal healthy person. How disrespectful to the fans of this show! Just a 2,000ft climb up a . This is bullshit. Parker should have cashed out and gone to Vegas, WTF is with Tonys dredges, Im so sick of the Three Stooges, Is Dave really retiring or has he struck it rich in Montana. How many times can you watch Big Red break down???.Boring. Why, why would you stop gold rush white water and replace it with Dave Turin? As Gold Rush: White Water viewers have seen in past episodes, the duo hasnt always gotten along. I refuse to pay more to get less. Very disappointed. This is got to be the first time I have ever seen a series show being pulled in the middle of the season, and Im 65 years old. How can they come up with such an idea in the middle of the season. Absolutely ridiculous!!! Are Beaux and Harry Still Together After Too Hot to Handle? Way to go Disney!!! Also did it to Alaska The Last Frontier as well! We pay all this money for a channel and we get treated like this. I just canceled disney plus. its winter. Sitting here thinking surely that wasnt the end of the season? We are cancelling Direct TV and going antenna (free TV ONLY) after February, thatll definitely help their tax situation with less revenue IDIOTS! well it will certainly hurt their bottom line when I cancel discovery +, habo max and disney because there isnt anything on it to watch so why bother paying for it. I would love to see them go bankrupt. Screw Disney. Bet youll re-run the first episodes again 1st omg. Tony Beets is reportedly the richest person on the Discovery show with a staggering net worth. I am now selling stock and forever banning anything from them or any who associate with them. Fred Hurt has an estimated net worth of $6 million. I kid you not, as I was reading the comments above, I was thinking, Kick dumbass Turin off and give us our Dustin, Carlos, and crew back!!!! win win for me you greedy selfish tossers. Parker Schnabel Is a Fan-Favorite Miner on 'Gold Rush' Where Does He Live? I will not watch Gold Rush and will keep checking and wait until White Water comes back on. They specialize in the risky practice of dredge diving, which they've brought toMcKinley Creek in Haines Borough, Alaska, in pursuit of fortune. After reading this article, I will definitely be canceling my subscription to Discovery plus. Gold rush isnt even entertaining anymore. An update on her disappearance after a July 2022 episode of 'Daves Turin's Lost Mine.'. I would gladly follow this program to another network and pay attention to the companies willing to sponsor it. Disney SUCKS!! The executive who made the decision to pull the show sounds like he has the same IQ and business acumen as the idiot in the White House. 2023 GRV Media Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Sad. Again, thanks Discovery executives for screwing us over. Dont talk the talk walk it!! He's Reportedly the Richest Man on the Show, There's a New Golden Girl on 'Gold Rush' Let's Get to Know Ilaura Reeves, Rick Ness's Absence on 'Gold Rush' Has Concerned Some Fans, Fred Lewis Knows He's Not a 'Gold Rush' Fan-Favorite: "I'll Take It for the Team", 'Gold Rush' Star K.C. Why wouldnt you just start Gold Rush (White Water) from April its just ridicules the way youve done it . He is a coward. No wonder Tony Beats came calling. That says it all. You can often find him mining in Canada's Klondike region, but where does he live? TV Shows Ace has the exclusive clip from Gold Rush: White Water premiering tomorrow on Discovery Channel. I will be canceling Dis + immediately. same here! 1 / 9. How much land does Tony from 'Gold Rush' own? Selfish move Dis. i had to look it up on line! Filming a bunch of guys who could die at any minute is too risky. Up yours ! Gold Rush: White Water takes place in Haines Borough, Alaska. Bastards! I was glad to hear though its not cancelled. The Discovery reality series"Gold Rush" has no shortage of fans who have worked collectively to ensure its stay on the airwaves for over a decade. This is a very bad decision on their part because as much as I love the show Ima wait a couple years to view it on a steaming service .So I wont be viewing any if their adds .
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